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When we walk in the door, we often step directly into the middle of a crisis. The trade is stretched and working capital has dwindled due to shrinking sales, aged receivables or stale inventory. The company may even be on the verge of shutting down. Our primary focus is returning the business to a cash neutral or cash positive position immediately.


Within days (not weeks), our team of professionals analyzes the situation and creates short term action plans. Almost allinclude reducing costs right away, minimizing stakeholderexposure, preserving customer relationships and protectingcompany assets.

NECP’s proprietary methodology, developed by founder Tom Desmond, enables us to look not only at the numbersbut beyond them as well. We review your systems, employeesand processes in order to uncover fundamental issues thatgo undetected by company owners and managers.

We refer to our ability to discover what’s really going on as “Zeroing in on the Invisible.”

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"I had the pleasure of meeting Tom and working with his team while I was President of a large company. Our company was financially crippled and we were close to giving up. Tom's expertise in cash management and spend analysis put us on the right track. He helped us create the time we needed to survive. NECP not only helped us, but taught us how to use their system and ideas and gave us the freedom to take things to a higher level."

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