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About Us

New England Consulting Partners is an independent business advisory firm that specializes in helping organizations navigate crisis, manage change, mitigate risk, improve performance, and plan complex restructuring across a wide range of industries. 


By Zeroing in on the Invisible, NECP has created meaningful change and delivered impactful results for our clients and community for more than 20 years.


Our team of experts provide a comprehensive range of services for our clients. We specialize in the ability to swiftly discover the source and solutions to stabilize and initiate business recovery and growth during times of uncertainty.


NECP’s proprietary methodology, developed by Founder Tom Desmond, enables us to look not only at the numbers but beyond them as well. We review your systems, employees and processes in order to uncover fundamental issues that go undetected by company owners and managers.


We zero in on what matters, create plans and take action to ensure an organization’s transformation to success.


client testimonial

"I had the pleasure of meeting Tom and working with his team while I was President of a large company. Our company was financially crippled and we were close to giving up. Tom's expertise in cash management and spend analysis put us on the right track. He helped us create the time we needed to survive. NECP not only helped us, but taught us how to use their system and ideas and gave us the freedom to take things to a higher level."

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