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A Message from New England Consulting Partners Regarding Businessand Coronavirus

Ted Tzafaroglou | April 2020

During this difficult time in our Country, all businesses are subject to an unprecedented amount of uncertainty. It would be understandable for many to defer Management planning and strategy activities due to the uncertainty. NECP believes that this is the time for each business evaluate alternatives for moving forward.  Management Teams would benefit from considering the following activities at this time:

  • Cash flow forecasting

  • Government assistance programs availability

  • Employee retention strategies

  • Inventory reduction strategies

  • Product/Product line rationalization strategies

  • Plant and operational production flow improvements while lines are slow or shutdown

  • Maintenance to critical equipment while lines are slow or shutdown

NECP is ready to assist Companies manage through the CoVid19 crisis AND to develop a path forward as the crisis conditions ease.  Please reach out to NECP for a discussion today. Tom Desmond is available at 617-480-8146 Ted Tzafaroglou is available at 734-377-1053

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